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What benefit is a kill switch?

Project Shop is keen on safety. Both for the occupants and for the car itself! One of the cheapest and most effective ways you can improve the safety and reliability of your classic is to have a battery isolator fitted. By simply cutting the power from the car you:

  • Make it more difficult to steal
  • Stop battery drain during storage
  • Isolate the electrical circuits in an emergency
  • Ensure it is safe from electrical fires when not in use


Simple solution

The simplest solution is to fit a battery isolator to the terminal of a car battery. When you are finished using it you simply lift the bonnet and unscrew the top. Obviously this is useful when leaving the car in storage for periods of more than a few days but it can also help if there is an electrical problem too. It’s easy unscrew the terminal to isolate electrics. It’s hard to find spanners and undo a terminal if you are in an emergency situation.

We can fit a post terminal isolator for just £15.00 including VAT

Remote master switch

For many cars it is simple to fit an isolator directly to the earth lead from the battery. But with cars such as MGBs, VW Beetles and Minis where the battery is not in the engine bay it is more useful to have a readily accessible master switch located elsewhere on the car.
Project Shop can safely wire in a master switch somewhere accessible so that your car’s electrical system is totally protected.

We can fit a remote master switch for £95.00 including VAT

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Battery Isolator – Protecting your Electrical Systems
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