Grand Prix de Tours 2016

Fancy a road trip?

With the boom in classic car culture, new events arrive every year. Yet here’s one that began in 1923. The best part? It still runs and anyone can enter!

The Grand Prix de Tours now takes place in Chinon and is sponsored by TOTAL Oils. The first day is a bona fide tour set amid glorious countryside. Day two is a madcap dash on closed roads around the town centre.

Prepare yourself for the best of this noted wine region, enjoy the sights, the cars and the culture. And prepare to bring some decent plonk home!

SALT Tour 2016

The classic car world is a broad church. Yet for some, their enthusiasm runs to cars the rest of us would consider perverse. In this short film you can take a peek behind the curtain to see the appeal of driving cars produced by the Soviets.

Hear the two-stroke Trabants, see Tatras, Moskviches and Skodas make the best of the Yorkshire countryside.

Enjoy the ridiculous uniforms and see the good humour that drives these arcane enthusiasts. Then see if you can spot which Top Gear star makes a cameo appearance at the end, re-enacting a scene from the Great Escape.

Classic Car Apprenticeship Launch Event

Aside from a lack of spare parts, the biggest blocker to keeping old cars on the road is a potential skills shortage in maintaining them. Why?

As the workforce used to repairing older cars retires, there’s a fear that skills they have will die with them. Can younger lads set up points, gap plugs and set valve clearances? Younger mechanics don’t need these ‘hands-on’ skills.

So to counter this potential deficit, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has worked with the Banbury and Bicester College to set up a course in Historic Vehicle Maintenance and Renovation. Here’s the launch.

War and Peace Revival

Tanks, trucks, guns and uniforms. The classic world covers every eventuality. Here’s our window onto the world of the War & Peace Revival, where re-enactors ride on Russian tanks, Brits from the Shires dress up as Nazi oppressors, and then spend the whole weekend camping in Kent under uniformly khaki canvas.

If keeping your classic fettled seems an enormous task, take inspiration from the effort it takes to own something as complex as a Tiger tank, Bedford gun or Morris turntable ladder used by WW2 firefighters. It might not be our bit of the hobby – but respect to these enthusiasts!

Bromley Pageant 2016

It’s Britain’s biggest one-day celebration of Historic vehicles. And has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to Norman Park in Bromley over the years since it started back in 1982.

No matter your passion – from exquisite Jensens to modified Fords, you’ll find them here, spread out on stands cramming this corner of southeast London. It’s a fun-filled family day out, and if you’re lucky with the weather, you’ll come away with your head full of inspiration.

Beware the traffic going in – there can be delays – but once you’re in, enjoy this feast of perfect classics glittering in the sun.

Silverstone Classic Preview

The Silverstone Classic has surfaced onto the mega-event scene as a colossus. Britain’s biggest Historic motoring festival encompasses delectable displays from the clubs, a host of traders offering everything from clothing to classic car parts, and it’s all backed by the constant soundtrack of wheel-to-wheel racing during the day and rock bands playing at night.

Yet it has a focus on family fun, with fairground rides, food stalls and Vintage bus links joining everything together.

Checkout our short video to get a glimpse of the fun on offer, then make sure you book your tickets for 2017.

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