The Austin Mini Cooper

The Mini. It’s both national treasure and symbol of British greatness. The original Issigonis design is an engineering triumph.

To drive one exposes tactility and rewards you in a way long forgotten in modern cars. Who says you need oodles of power and assisted…everything?

We adore the little Longbridge box for its simplicity, ease of sourcing parts and the sheer exuberance a well-tuned Mini has when heading down the road.

It’ll bring out the hooligan in any true petrolhead. If your motoring is dull, then take the wheel and enjoy how a Mini can urge you into the Self Preservation Society.

Vauxhall HB Viva

When the Beatles and the Stones were at their chart-topping height, British car makers led the world in volume sales.

Your favourite Uncle was more likely to wear a sports jacket and smoke a pipe and may have owned a glamorous newcomer in the family car stakes. The Vauxhall HB Viva. It was practical, relatively cheap, and frugal with its 1159cc motor. Ideal!

We’d defy any 1970s UK street scene not to have one in. And yet they’ve disappeared.

So enjoy our homage to the ‘pencil Viva’ (HB, geddit?) and revel in the shapely good looks that got families motoring.

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