Classic cars more than 15 years old will all benefit from detailed attention to their suspension – in both condition, and set-up.

After the car’s first lifetime of driving as an everyday car, then possibly a restoration including disassembly and reassembly, it is very possible that your classic car’s suspension and steering is not optimised.

Project Shop engineers are well-versed in the dynamic of suspension and steering. They can take a car which has problems or wear, and both renew the parts necessary and then set them up properly to give your classic car that ‘as-new’ feeling. You’ll benefit in driving experience.

And be sure in the knowledge that your car is as good as it can be.

We can also convert cars to upgraded and lowered suspension, dialling in the correct camber, castor and toe angles to optimise how the car handles.

Project Shop can do this for all types of suspension – Mcpherson struts, wishbones, leaf springs, coil springs and even Citroen Hydropneumatic & Hydrolastic and Hydrogas systems used on BL cars.

Most of all – a good set up should make the car handle as best it can, and please the driver.

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