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Out with the old

Many classics, especially if they are British-made, have few fused circuits, in fact, it’s not uncommon to only find two! Wether you have a Jaguar, Triumph, MG or Austin Healey the designed in safety is very basic indeed.

One of the fuses tends to do the ignition circuit and the other a selection of onboard lights, radio and other odds and sods. Big draw components such as starter motors, headlamps and horns tend to be a direct fed with no built in protection. All of this is perfectly OK, until something chafes through the outer core of the wire or resistance build up due to a poor termination. It is at that point your car will set itself on fire!

Racers and the Germans

Contrast that with a 1970’s Porsche or an ex-BMC Works rally car. When we examine the wiring harnesses on those, they adopt the modern convention of having individual circuits uniquely fused providing reliability and safer operation.

So if you are proposing to use your car regularly, or in any sort of Historic race or rally capacity, it makes sense to upgrade your fuse box and wiring.

Project Shop’s wiring upgrades

Our auto-electricians can split up the cars original wiring systems, adding an additional (period style) fuse box. In most instances they will do so conforming to the car’s own wiring colour conventions. This makes the car retain its originality and for any future work, is logical. We can add relays to power headlamps, protecting switchgear too.

Safety, reliability, usability. It’s the Project Shop DNA.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Classic Wiring Safety
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