How Project Shop can help with cooling systems

Many classic cars have very marginal cooling systems, which can cause all sorts of reliability problems. Some have been there from conception and others are down to age.

This is where Project Shop’s famed attention to detail can help. By working through a cooling system, we can identify the particular issues any car has.

We start by assessing the condition of the coolant. Many is the time that the fluid is simply old, incorrect or too weak to work effectively.

Once this is done the system is carefully checked for leaks, perished hoses and rusted clips before we look at the thermal efficiency.

By using a thermal infer-red gauge we can ‘watch’ the system warm up. This helps us understand the temperature at which the thermostat opens and any ‘cool spots’ in the system which can indicate areas blocked by contaminated coolant.

We then check to make sure that the water pump is creating enough pressure to circulate the coolant through the system.

The last check is to look at what else can be creating heat in the engine bay, such as stainless steel exhaust manifolds without thermal coatings.

With all these tests done we can help improve the cooling efficiency of your classic car in a number of ways:

  • Changing components that are blocked, perished or leaking
  • Flush debris from the radiator and engine block
  • Fit thermostats that open earlier
  • Upgrade radiators with thicker cores
  • Add electric fans to help air flow
  • Fill the system with waterless coolant which can cope with higher engine bay temperatures
  • Add in expansion tanks to minimise the loss of coolant due to expansion

If you are suffering with poor cooling, don’t wait till you break down, call the Project Shop Team who will be happy to talk you through the solutions.

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