Old gauges can seem feeble at night.

Dirt and dust inside compromises the light output. And as Tungsten bulbs age, they darken their glass envelope, again reducing illumination.

We can install a fresh set of period perfect bulbs to brighten things up. But our preferred option in these days of technical advancement is to install the latest in high-Lumen LED bulbs.


These give a crisp white light and can transform the interior of your car at night. For cars with dimmable instrument illumination, we may need to work on the dimmer switch circuitry so it still functions as normal.

But as a little mod to improve your car, which no one else need know about, LED dash bulbs are the way to go. They improve any 12V negative earth car, from massive American cars, through trad-Brit sports models to strange exotic Communist tackle favoured by Project Shop’s Dave. These surface mount LEDs are incredible!

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