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Brighten up your night

Old gauges can seem feeble at night. Dust inside them compromises the light output and as Tungsten bulbs age, they darken their glass envelope, again reducing dashboard illumination.

We can strip, clean and install a fresh set of period perfect bulbs to brighten things up. But our preferred option in these days of technical advancement is to install the latest in high-lumen LED bulbs.

These give a crisp light in your choice of colour and can transform the dashboard illumination of your car at night, making the gauges easy to read and help stop eye strain on long journeys.

LED advantages

LED’s draw less current than a traditional bulb and produce far less heat making sure that your wiring operates well with in its spec and keeps binical temperatures lower, reducing resistance.

As a little mod to improve your car, which no one else need know about, LED dashboard illumination is the way to go. They can improve any 12V negative earth car, from massive American cars, through trad-Brit sports models. LEDs are simply incredible!

What about the rest of the lights?

Over the last few years LED technology has come on in bounds. Modern LED’s can be fitted to almost every light in the car, from indicators to reading lamps. They look standard once covered by the lens, are more reliable and illuminate faster which is great for brake lights.

So next time a bulb blows, think about upgrading the whole car. Starting at about £100 including parts and labour you can brighten up your classic life.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Dashboard Illumination
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