Owning a classic is all about enjoying the experience. And the first part of that is getting into your car.

You want people to admire the quality of the classic you own: poor panel gaps, door fit and dropped hinges impress no one. Neither does struggling with a door that sticks in the aperture.

The majority of classics have had so much work done to them over the years that returning a car to what it should be like is often a process of undoing the work of many previous ‘fixes’ and sometimes ‘bodges’.

Project Shop has a long history of perfecting these details. We have done everything from sorting out sliding windows in Minis and on hardtops for sports cars, to completely rehanging doors on a 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL. On that BMW, we also had to rework the driver’s door latch which was so worn it wasn’t giving a good closing action. With no new parts available, and no second-hand ones appearing in the timeframe we had the car, it was down to our gifted engineer John Weller to un-rivet the assemble, repair and fabricate the worn and broken bits, then re-rivet it back together.

He also fabricated the mounts for the electric windows, ensuring that the positioning of glass was back to factory perfection, rather than at strange angles and fouling the door as it closed. This attention to detail takes time. It necessitated removing the self-adhesive CSL striping because by the time everything was properly lined up, the stickers were out of line across the wing to door to body. So we re-striped with fresh decals. This work lifted an average, restored car up to a much higher, concours-winning level.

We can also improve door fits and panel shut lines on many sports cars such as TR2-3-4-5-6, MGs, Stags, Spitfires, Jaguars and the like.


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