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Rebuilding the BIG 3…

There comes a time when big components, such as engines, gearboxes and axles need a rebuild. Done well they can transform your car and increase its value. Disassembling ‘the big three’ can look like a daunting prospect, but Project Shop has the capacity and attention to detail to perform rebuilds on your major components reliably, and in a cost-effective way.

We have worked on everything from Astons to Zaporozhets, so there’s no fear anything will beat us – what other workshop can renovate such a range of vehicles? Whether it is engine, gearbox or axle, we can source parts, commission engineering work and rebuild to the highest standards.

Don’t put up with second-best – let Project Shop return your classic to full performance!

Engine Rebuilds

Once we have diagnosed the only route forward is a partial or full engine rebuild we will:

  • Remove the engine from the vehicle
  • Carefully strip it to component pieces measuring and checking them as we go
  • Source replacement parts or commission engineering work
  • Paint/cosmetically refurbish the block and other components
  • Rebuild the engine
  • Put it back in the car
  • Carefully replace the ancillaries and change fluids
  • Set up engine timing,fuel and air mixtures for best performance

Gearbox Rebuilds

If your gears are crunching, or are difficult to engage then a rebuild can make the world of difference to how it drives. We will

  • Remove it from the vehicle
  • Drain out the oil, checking for contaminants which might give a clue as to its problems
  • Inspect the shafts, gears, folks, bearings etc
  • Inspect the clutch/release bearing and suggest if it requires replacement
  • Source replacement parts or commission engineering work
  • Rebuild the gearbox taking care to do so to the correct tolerances/torques
  • Put it back in the car with the correct gearbox oil
  • Test to ensure it is performing to spec

Axle Rebuilds

Rear axles can start to hum when they get old and need a rebuild, they are often integrated with the rear suspension, so when we are stripping them down it is necessary to check the condition of both the components inside and around them.  Whether it is a live axle Escort or IRS Jaguar cradle we have the heavy lifting tools, bearing press and expertise to remove and refurbish axles making them quiet again.  We can even set up your rear suspension at the same time!

Home » Workshop » Mechanics » Engine, Gearbox, & Axle Rebuilds
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