A stunningly rare and original range-topping Hillman Avenger GLS in its finest 1973 bright crimson/purple coachwork – with contrasting black vinyl roof, naturally – is set to join a feast of other beige, brown and taupe motoring heroes from our past, when Europe’s greatest gathering of the ordinary and uncelebrated cars that we all grew up with are presented on the immaculate lawn at Stowe House for the annual Festival of the Unexceptional, Concours de l’Ordináire, being staged by classic vehicle insurance specialist Hagerty on Saturday 22 July.

Joining the Hillman Avenger will be 49 other truly exceptional unexceptional cars from the late 1960s to late 1980s, all carefully hand-picked for Hagerty’s 2017 Concours de l’Ordináire, plus a handful of other rarely-seen vehicles, selected from the visitors parking area surrounding the main ‘unexceptional’ lawn, plus more vehicles being displayed by a few car manufacturers, taken from their own (often unseen) heritage collections for a special ‘Invitation’ class. Forward parking for classic cars is free, although pre-registration is required to guaranty a space at: https://carfestivalbooking.com/.

Visitors to the free-to-attend 2017 Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional will be able to rejoice in being reacquainted with the cars of their past that used be commonplace, but have now all but disappeared.  Supporting this light-hearted nostalgia trip will be a cast of long-forgotten and often maligned cars, ranging from Austin Maxis and Allegros, a Morris Marina, a quartet of 1970s Ford family saloons and an early two-door Vauxhall Cavalier L (even rare when new), plus Datsuns, Triumphs, Fiats, Rovers, Citroens, Renaults, and even a 1980 Daihatsu F50 4x4 that has astonishingly survived a tough rural existence all these years.

A panel of knowledgeable judges, including a familiar face or two, will be judging each of the vehicles entered, as well as assessing the owner’s fashions, and possibly sampling their picnic fayre as well, if its looks edible, and all done in a very relaxed and light-hearted way.  

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