Modern fuels are not the same as the 2-5 star that many classics were designed to run on.

Unleaded is more volatile, has a more fierce explosion in the combustion chamber, burns hotter, yet goes ‘off’ after only a few months.

Carburettors need fuel at a fairly low pressure, compared to fuel injected systems. On the old Leaded fuels, mechanical petrol pumps were adequate to give the carb enough fuel in its float chamber. Yet with the heat from the engine, added to the volatility of unleaded evaporating before it has been burned by the engine, older pumps often cannot ‘keep up’ with demand.

Project Shop is expert in fitting electric pumps which deliver fuel to the carb based on the carburettor requirements, not the speed at which the engine is running.

This adds reliability and ease of starting to any classic car.

We can also upgrade the older style of SU electric pump, triggered by contact points, to an electronic variety so that while it looks identical, you’ll never have to give it a tap to help it push the petrol through the fuel lines.

To help keep fuel cooler for longer, Project Shop likes to fit a swirl pot. This pressurised container keeps a mass of fuel available for the carburettor, thereby reducing fuel evaporation.

If you’ve got fuelling issues, we’re here to help.

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