Fit H4 Headlamps

Choosing a classic is the fun part. Summer driving is what appeals. But if you get caught out in bad weather, or need the car when it’s dark and you might find the gloom barely illuminated by standard sealed beam lamps.

But there’s a cheap and easy fix, which you can do yourself for under £50! You can source new Halogen headlamp units from a specialist, search online or ask Project Shop.

So follow our handy guide and enjoy decent night-time visibility. They’ll make your journeys safer and return the fun to classic motoring at night.

Sound proofing – Citroen Traction Avant

Let’s face it, old cars aren’t as quiet as modern ones. Even the cars we love were built down to a price when they were new. Which means that hidden elements such as Sound Proofing may have been skimped on. Factor in the compression and deterioration that old horsehair-based deadening materials will have suffered over time.

You can achieve a great improvement in a morning by renewing insulation. Use modern materials for the best results and no one will even know – except you.

Follow our fitting guide to see the materials we use, and how to get the best results.

The Spark Plug

Do you love an underdog? We do. Which is why the humble Spark Plug is our subject. There it sits, going about its own business. It has to get your engine started in the cold and damp. It is subject to countless compression cycles. It also has to perform in the heat of summer, giving you faultless ignition so you can enjoy power and reliability.

It’s true, this metal and ceramic marvel should enjoy a far greater fan base. But let’s start with what it does and how you can ensure it does it to the best of its ability.

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