In the same way that the older the watch, the classier it is, the same is true for cars.

And when it comes to dashboards, old gauges, & instruments, they are so much more enticing than the robotic accuracy of those fitted in modern cars.

If you have a gauge failing, such as inoperative speedometer, unstable fuel or temp gauge, or wish to install additional instrumentation to keep a better check on your engine’s health, then Project Shop can help.

We are skilled in making safe additions to wiring harnesses, tidying up mess left through your car’s previous owners and generally ensuring that all your instrumentation and switch gear is in good order. If you would like a rev-counter (tachometer) fitted, it’s no problem, and if you need specialised chronometers or distance recorders fitted so you can take part in classic car rallies, then we have experience of creating bespoke installations with no compromise.

If your gauges aren’t working, we can either replace or have them refurbished by specialists so that your own gauges go back into your own car.

We cover all makes of gauges, from all nations:

  • Smiths
  • AC Delco
  • Veglia
  • VDO
  • Marelli
  • PAL
  • Lucas
  • Halda
  • Brantz
  • Heuer
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