Your classic car is a serious investment. Of your time. Of your effort. Of your cash. But most of all, owning and running a classic car is an emotional thing.

If you just wanted to get from A to B, then a modern car does it all more capably and cheaply. It will also be fitted with more electronic safety gizmos to protect it from theft.

Car thieves have now switched onto the classic car scene. So you need to protect yourself and your car from their evil ways.

Safe Keeping Tips

First of all you can use physical security – always lock your car, and use a steering wheel clamp that fits right around the steering wheel. Even if you are just popping to the shops.

Second, you can fit a hidden immobiliser, so the engine cannot be started and the fuel pump is immobilised. But this won’t prevent your car being dragged away on the end of a rope.

Third, a car alarm. The bad old days of motion-sensor alarms that go off at the slightest tremor are over. Modern versions are much more stable and can also send a text to your mobile phone if the car is being tampered with.

Fourth. Keep your car locked away whenever possible: thieves can only take cars that are available. Modern classic car storage units might seem expensive, but they are much safer than the average Council lock-up.

Fifth. And best. A combination of everything above.

Whatever your security requirements, Project Shop can help. And we have a few spaces left in our storage unit. Contact us asap for prices and availability! 01869 351883

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