Classic cars are fitted with many grease nipples to their suspension, steering and other mechanical components underneath.

You can check how many your car has in the original handbook, if you have it, or a Haynes manual if there’s one available.

What do they do?

They are so that the joints can be repacked with grease (lube) to keep them in good order. Many owners fail to do this – especially as some classics have a lube interval of as little as 1500 miles.

Project Shop always greases any classic car as part of our normal service. To do it yourself, you need a filled lube gun, the car safely accessible underneath, and some time to get dirty!

  1. Clean road dirt and grime off nipples
  2. Ensure the sprung-loaded ball bearing is operating freely in each nipple
  3. Attach the grease gun to the nipple by ‘snapping’ it on so it is secure
  4. Use sharp long stroke movements of the gun’s handle to force grease into the component
  5. Apply enough strokes so that old grease is expelled

Items that may have lube nipples:

  • Suspension ball joints
  • Leaf spring attachments
  • Pitman arms
  • Steering idlers
  • Propeller shafts
  • Steering boxes
  • Speedometer cables

Alternatively, give Project Shop a call on 01869 351883 and we can take the pain out of lubing your car.

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