Many British cars from the 1940s to late ‘60s were wired Positive earth. This took them away from the normal Negative earth system that was generally in use.

There was a feeling that wiring a car Positive earth would cause less corrosion. Yet with hindsight this hasn’t been proven, and cars with this polarity swap, wired ‘+’ to earth have proved a blind alley.

This means that you cannot use phone charging equipment, sat navs and other conveniences in these cars. Often, the wireless set in the car is also a Positive earth device, with no capacity to upgrade to a modern FM or DAB one.

Project Shop is experienced in converting +earth cars to Negative. If your car needs this work done, we can do a basic conversion, or we can upgrade your electrical system at the same time, removing the old dynamo and installing a powerful alternator.

This will keep your battery in better nick, make the car easier to start, give you freedom to upgrade your sound system, and allow you to use onboard sockets to charge phones and sat navs.

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