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When Project Shop restores a car, or any sub-assembly, we like to do it properly. Which is why we offer a full range of coatings for components.
At the top of the list is powder coating. Why?

It is applied to the substrate – in many cases metal components such as suspension components and under bonnet hardware – as a free-flowing dry powder. Instead of having a liquid form, the powder is attracted to the item electrostatically. It is then cured under heat allowing it to flow before forming a hard skin. This hard finish is tougher than conventional paints. And because it isn’t applied as a liquid, it can produce a thicker, more protective coat than a conventional paint. And there won’t be any runs or sags on vertical surfaces either.

Powder Coating spray pistols.
Items to be powder coated need to first be media-blasted. This removes grease, dirt and loose rust. It also exposes if any repairs need to be made to the piece. Once the item is fully prepped, it can go straight to the powder coating booth.

Once it has been coated, it can then be fitted up with new bushes or other parts that go to make the sub-assembly, before being fitted back to your car in a better-than-new state.

Many home-restorers use aerosol paints to coat items. But for a fully professional finish, powder coat is the way to go. In this way, your car will look great for many years to come. Plus, it will be restored to the premium standard, adding value and protecting your investment for years to come.

Home » Workshop » Corrosion Repairs » Powder Coating: Protecting Your Investment
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