The Rarest Jaguar? One-off Pininfarina XK120 SE

For the last two years staff at Classic Motor Cars have been working on a top secret project. The restoration of a one-off Pininfarina bodied XK120 SE.


600 Supercars to shine at Beaulieu this Weekend

Get set for high octane excitement at Beaulieu’s Supercar Weekend on August 5th and 6th, with up to 600 incredible supercars due to take part in the show.


Silverstone Classic 2017 – Event Report

The Silverstone Classic 2017 drew to a close on the 30th July; with a record-breaking attendance of over 100,000 visitors on the final day alone.


30 Years of the Ferrari F40

Thirty years have passed since the official presentation of the F40, 21 July 1987, at the Civic Centre in Maranello, now home to the Ferrari Museum.


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Resurrection! Bringing Bron Burrell’s World Cup Rally Maxi back to life

How did Project Shop come to be involved in the restoration and campaign of Bron Burrell’s famous 1970 World Cup Rally Austin Maxi? Dave picks up the story…


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How To: Grease/Lube Your Car

Classic cars are fitted with many grease nipples in their suspension, steering and other mechanical components. They are so joints can be repacked.


Body Leaks & Panel Seals

Leaks in any car are hateful. Failed rubber seals, torn door rubbers, or corrosion could all be a factor in a damp interior.


Winter: Putting Classics to bed

Follow this guide and waking up your classic next year shouldn’t hold any surprises.


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BMW’s remake of the Mini had a lot to live up to. In this book Ms. Williamson-Stothert details the brief history of the BMW remake

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