What’s in the workshop?

What we do, how we do it and how it will benefit your classic car

Classic Car Electrical Upgrades

Call Project Shop Tell us about your restoration project 01869 351883 Home »  Engineering solutions to common classic issues Lets face it, there are many times when you think to yourself 'I wish my classic did XXX...

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Engine, Gearbox, & Axle Rebuilds

Rebuilding engines, gearboxes and axles can be a daunting at Project Shop we have the space and expertise to deal with these big jobs in a time and cost efficient manner.

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Project Shop Cars

Short stories about the cars we work on and those we own. The pain and pleasure of classic motoring!

Project Shop Features

What’s going on in the classic car world, history lessons and model features. Basically everything Project Shop loves!

Range Rover Reborn

The Series 1 Range Rover is a benchmark vehicle. It defined a new market sector. It manages to look glam whether on a farm or outside a stately home, making It completely classless. It’s classy, classic and doubles as V8 cruiser and tow wagon.

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Classic Tips

Hints, tips and how to look after your classic car at home.

Event Previews & Reports

There are so many shows, gatherings and meets that it is difficult to know which one to attend. Here are some of the many we have been to.

Classic Gear

Need a present for a motoring loved one? Here are the latest Project Shop Classic Gear picks!

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