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Modern seatbelts, classic look

Project Shop are able to fit any classic car with a set of ‘period correct’ seatbelt, giving you the safety and usability of a 3 point retractable belt with out spoiling the ambience of your interior. But first…

A history lesson.

  • 1965 In the UK, new cars were required to be fitted with anchorage points for safety belts in the front outboard positions
  • 1968 is was mandatory for new cars to be fitted with three-point belts to those positions.
  • 1983 it was made law to wear front seatbelts when travailing in a car, unless it is reversing!
  • 1986 rear seatbelts became a mandatory fitment.

So, we’re in the position where many classic cars made before 1968 have no safety belts fitted in the front, and before 1986, none in the rear. Now because we have been required to wear seatbelts since 1986, it can feel odd to jump in a car without. And the safety argument is massive. Seatbelts save lives.

What can you fit?

So, having belts in your classic makes you safer.

  • 3 Point modern static or inertia reel types
  • Modern lap belts
  • 3 Point classic look static or inertia reel types with chrome fittings
  • Classic look lap belts
  • We can engineer mounting points for cars without them
  • Upgrade lap belts to three point
  • FIA accredited four, five or six-point harnesses.

Project Shop – No compromise when it comes to safety.

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Seatbelts & Safety Belts
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