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Our Fabrication Team

Project Shop has a dedicated fabrication and welding team in Gareth and Matt. They are happy to carry out minor repairs right through to the restoration of complete body shells. Whether it is a structural repair to the chassis or carefully dealing with corrosion in the exterior body panels we have two dedicated metal workers to hand.

Repairing body work often requires a lot of preparation or ‘strip and fit’. We understand how to carefully remove trim and parts to allow us access and make sure that the car is not damaged in the process. We are also able to jig or brace the body to make sure the shell does not twist out of shape whilst the repairs are being carried out.

No patchwork quilt

Welded repairs have come a long way from an MOT station patch which was historically welded over the offending hole!

Project Shop can:

  • Cut away corroded metal surgically using out state of the art plasma cutter
  • Repair areas of corrosion, with little or no evidence that the repair has been carried out once it has been painted
  • Replace or straighten out warped panels, ensuring shut lines are clean.
  • Maintain and improve the cars integrity and strength
  • Fabricate panels which cannot be sourced
  • Fabricate mounting points and brackets for modifications

Finishing the job

Carefully repairing a car is one thing, but making sure it doesn’t simply rot out again is why we believe we finish the job ‘right’.


Home » Workshop » Corrosion Repairs » Structural Repair – Welding and Fabrication
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