Team Project Shop

Even the young ones have been ‘around the block’ when it comes to classic cars. The workshop team have a massive amount of experience, with a dash of youth on hand for some of the more ‘physical’ issues we come across. Wether it is extracting an engine, perfecting a door shut, or sorting out the wiring one of these chaps can work their magic on your classic!

Simeon Cattle ~ Director

With a lifelong passion for classics, Simeon has bought some fantastic examples over the years. He regrets selling most of them, until he remembers the huge bills!

Straight out of school he worked for Chevron Cars as an apprentice before making his way into sales. In 2000 he moved to BMW Park Lane and spent 8 years in the network. During that time he worked his way through the sales department as a salesman, used car buyer and sales manager.

In 2008 he decided to get back to his first love of classic cars and strike out on his own. BMW’s continue to be his first love and he drives an E30 325i Sport which he reckons ‘makes life worth living’.

John Jardine ~ Senior Engineer

John ‘JJ’ Jardine has had a lifetime on the spanners. Straight from school and into an apprenticeship he learnt the trade when men were men and a mistake was rewarded with physical pain.

He has a colossal wealth of knowledge having spent a huge chunk of his career working for TWR as a development engineer.

During the late 90’s he went stateside to work for General Motors on the Hummer H2 project. One of the most entertaining engineering problems was how to make the H2 enter 18 inches of water at 40 MPH!

He is vocal in helping the team work out the many problems projects throw up. He keeps the lads on their toes making sure they focus on building amazing classic cars.

Zane Newall – Engineer

Zane is the quietest and most gentle mechanic any of us have ever met. He simply gets on with the job in a methodical and careful way. It can be really easy to forget he is in the workshop until the moment that his head pops up and he asks for ‘some more work Boss’.

Corrupted into the world of motorcars from a young age by his father there is nothing he prefers more than to be elbow deep in a classic car. We are delighted to have him working with us.

Billy Earwicker ~ Auto Electric Engineer

Despite his tender years, Billy has been busy balancing further education and work since 2010. We have seen him through his apprenticeship and learning to drive, so he has really grown up in the time he has been part of the team.

Interested in anything mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and steampunk he has experience on machinery as diverse as a sit-on lawn mower to a grandfather clock, but he really loves old cars.

When it comes to breathing life back into old electrical systems he has no peers. He continually staggers us repairing circuit boards, clocks, gauges and wiring looms.

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