Don’t be let down by a flat battery when you want to start your car. Use a battery conditioner such as a CTEK MXS7.0 to make sure you have full cranking power when you are ready to flick the key.

We can quickly check the charging system on your car and ‘hard wire’ a battery conditioner to your car.


Are all the fluid in your car correct and at the level they should be? Coolant, Engine oil, Gearbox oil, Diff oil should all be checked once a year for a vehicle in classic use.

The optimum level is just below the maximum the manufacturer states. The Project Shop can service your car with the correct oils to maintain your car’s condition and reliability.


Older cars aren’t as dynamically competent as moderns cars, so it makes sense to keep your ‘boots’ in tip top order. It is rare that a car in classic use wears its tyres out, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need replacing.

We can check and advise to help keep you safe including tyre pressures, wheel balancing and suspension geometry.


Despite all efforts you are more likely to breakdown in an old car. Is your classic equipped with a decent breakdown bag? Even if you have a breakdown membership, make sure you’re safe with hi-vis jackets, a warning triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and spare bulbs.

We can always help you get the right bits together so you are as prepared as can be.


Try taking a heritage trip next time you head out – avoid the motorways and only use roads that existed when your car was made, or maybe take it to the factory it was built in.

There are simply hundreds of reasons to explore the world in your old car.

Give us a call, or drop by the workshop. Our advice is free, and the kettle is always on. We can help you prioritise your maintenance and make sure you are safe and reliable for the season ahead!

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