One major difference between the modern cars we run every day and the classic cars we choose to drive for pleasure is their engineering control systems.

Modern cars have electronics and computers that govern how it runs, these are tuned from the factory. Most cars post 2005 have more than one hundred million lines of computer code written into their ECUs. Yet our classic cars have little in the way of binary operation – and when it is there, it is controlled by mechanical and analogue systems.

So while these controls are simpler, they are not measuring their own values and applying ‘stop-go’ parameters to keep the car in a good state of tune!

That’s where Project Shop comes in. If your car struggles to start, runs hot or lacks power, our experienced engineers can set and adjust your car so that you get all the convenience of a fully working classic. We can check and replace service items and renew oils and fluids to ensure reliability and performance.

A simple service usually replaces engine oil and filter, checks the lamps, wipers, washers and horn and tops up other levels such as tyre pressures and radiator coolant. This is usually an ‘interim’ or 6-monthly inspection.

The next stage up will also renew points, condenser, spark plugs and air filter, and check and adjust brake shoes and pads. This level is an annual service, and even if your mileage is low, should be done every year to ensure reliability.

Finally, and once every two years, additional items such as brake fluid should be changed – this gets rid of the old brake hydraulic oil that will have absorbed moisture, and replaces it with fresh. This is important as the older your brake fluid is, the more moisture it will have absorbed and therefore the lower the boiling point. If you’ve never experienced boiling brake fluid and subsequent loss of brakes, best to keep it that way!

Whichever level of service you need, Project Shop can complete your work schedule to keep your classic where it belongs: on the road.

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