It can be a challenge to drive some older cars. Heavy steering, slow-changing gearboxes and lack of demisting are some of the failings of classics compared to modern cars.

Many owners now want their cars to have the full character of the chosen model, while being easier to operate! In many respects the market does not penalise these cars as it used to, either.

From Henry Pearman’s hopped-up Eagle E-types, to a myriad of other models from Minis to Range Rovers, owners now benefit from ease of use alongside classic looks.

But what does Project Shop mean by ‘Packaging upgrades’? We mean how the engineering installations are constructed to give the driver this ease of use. Very often we see poorly-fitted ‘upgrades’, for instance, power steering and five speed gearbox conversions lashed together so the car has been modded, but with no forethought about either longevity or retaining the car’s intrinsic qualities.

One Mk2 Jaguar, imported from South Africa, had a five-speed gearbox cross member made from wood! Project Shop engineers fabricated a new cross member, which was measured to ensure that the propeller shaft was running at the correct angles, which the previous arboreal based creation did not. We have also re-engineered the heater controls on a 1964 Wartburg. This got around the weaknesses in the original East German design, yet without compromising the down to earth character of the DDR-built car.

Our intention is always to upgrade any car in a sympathetic way. We will install anything the owner desires. And do it so that power steering pipes don’t foul on other underbonnet items. That speedo cables aren’t running on curves too tight to give longevity in use. We will make bracketry and create hydraulic hoses to implement the best engineering possible on your car. To sum up, we will engineer your car to retain all of the manufacturer’s inbuilt qualities, while improving it.

This means no fouling, protection from underbonnet heat where necessary, and for the owner, the knowledge that their car has benefited from the best engineering to allow them to use the car when they want, wherever they want.

Upgrades Available:

• Halogen headlamps
• Water-repellant glazing
• Electric fans
• Electric water pump
• Oil breather catch tanks
• Five speed gearboxes
• Power steering

  • Electric windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Alternator conversions
  • Negative earth conversions
  • Wheel and tyre upgrades
  • Suspension upgrades for rally or track use
  • Sound deadening to period look but modern spec
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