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Repairing wiring harnesses

Wiring issues generally fall into two categories


Time and exposure to oxygen and water mean that it is at these points the wiring loom starts to corrode. Often referred to as ‘poor earths’ (if on the negative side of the circuit) it is when either corrosion stops the body returning current or it fails to get there in the first place.

If left unattended these wiring issues give rise to less power at the terminal end. Where does the power go? Into making heat inside the wire, which can heat up the copper, burn the insulation and eventually cause your car to catch fire.

Although painstaking in process, these issues are straight forward to deal with. The last couple of centimetres of wire need to be cut away and new terminations fitted or the point at which the earth meets the body needs to be cleaned up.

Previous poor installation

One of the first lessons you learn when dealing with old cars is that ‘not one is a virgin’. Once a car has reached its third birthday, fallen out of main dealer care. It usually ends up being modified or ‘repaired to a budget.

Auto-electrics are a very good example of this. We often find that alarms, stereos, park distance sensors, electronic ignition systems and other aftermarket options have been added. Cost and required speed of installation regularly means that they are spliced into the wiring loom at the easiest point. It is not uncommon to find that a particular circuit has two or three times the AMP draw it was designed to take. The wires get hot, resistance goes up, and either the whole lot melts or it keeps blowing the fuse.

Project Shop auto-electricians check each circuit, work out how much current they are drawing and where necessary pull extra feeds direct from the fuse box or from a circuit with spare capacity. This way you have a stable, reliable and safe installation.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Wiring Repairs
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