Often we find there are problems with wiring harnesses and connectors.

These wiring issues give rise to less power at the terminal end. And for the car driver, you get less volts and amps powering your headlights and other electrical items.

Where does the power go? In making heat inside the wire, which can burn the copper, heat the insulation and eventually cause your car to catch fire.

We get around these problems by ‘re-terminating’ the ends of wires. Why does this work? Because the corrosion and deterioration is usually contained within the wire-end where it is exposed to atmosphere. The further up the wire you go, the better the wire has resisted the effects of time and use.

So a simple re-soldering of a fresh wire end – with the correct colour coding – to the harness, a new terminal on the end to factory spec, and then a rebind of the harness with original loom tape is all that’s needed to make your car safer and more reliable.

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