Project Shop has been restoring, servicing and preparing vehicles since 2008. Here are just a few of the many things we do in our workshop, and how we do them.

Over the last nine years, we have grown a dedicated team of experienced staff and apprentices. Using our own classics regularly means we know what it takes to keep them performing correctly and remaining reliable.

Powered by a newly built, well organised, and fully equipped workshop, we can carry out routine maintenance and complicated restorations efficiently and to a pristine standard. Every car that enters the workshop is treated with the same care and attention we would expect others to show our own cars.

Our clients have high expectations, so we strive for the very best. It is not just the time spent on the spanners, but also the hours that are spent sourcing the correct parts for your bespoke car which we take great pride in.

Whether you are looking for someone to carry out a yearly service, upgrade mechanical or electrical components, or undertake a full restoration – we have the staff and resources to get the job done.

Engine, Gearbox, & Axle Rebuilds

Project Shop has the capacity and attention to detail to perform rebuilds on your major components reliably, and cost-effectively.

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Classic Car Suspension Set Up

Classic cars more than 15 years old will all benefit from detailed attention to their suspension – both condition, and set-up.

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MOT Preparation & Testing for Vintage and Classic Cars

Our great experience across many makes and models means we know how to get your car safe to drive, and how to ensure an MOT pass.

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Complete Mechanical Builds

Project Shop are experts in building classic cars so that they are fully restored, reliable, fun to drive and are ‘right’ down to the last detail.

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Upgrading your Classic Car – Ideas & Tips

Upgrading parts of your classic can vastly improve the driving experience, comfort, and security. For example, a new gearbox, headlights, and immobilisers.

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Classic Car Inspection

Whether you are buying a car, recommissioning one, or working out how to restore one, then having the best information to hand is paramount.

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Tuning Your Classic Car – Analogue or Digital

Our classic cars have little in the way of binary operation – and when it is there it is controlled by mechanical and analogue systems.

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Fuel Injection – No More Mechanical Choke!

Some classics are fitted with fuel injection instead of carburettors. Project Shop has vast experience of setting up these systems on modern classics.

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Five Speed Gearbox Conversions – More Gearbox for your Money

We’ve put LT77 BL gearboxes into MGB V8s, used the Ford Type 9 in MG TF’s and Mk1 Escorts, and are up to speed with the latest conversion techniques.

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Overdrive Units

If your overdrive doesn’t work, is slow to engage or disengage, thumps going into gear, makes noise or has any other fault, get in touch with Project Shop.

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Ventora Update

The car had soldiered on for years with oil leaks and lacking power. But it was once I conducted a compression test, the truth revealed itself.

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Classic Car Auction at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre

Over 160 classic cars will be offered one of the biggest auctions of the year at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on Saturday 10 June.

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Sundown Park Auction featuring British Classics amongst others

A rare and extremely handsome 1938 Lagonda LG6 leads the entry for Barons’ British Heritage, Classic & Sports Cars sale at Sundown Park on June 13th.

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Australian Barn Find Cars up for Auction

The collection belonged to Graeme Phillips who lived in a dilapidated house surrounded by almost 30 cars in the centre of Alice Springs, Australia.

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Vintage British Sunbeam Up For Sale

A vintage British Classic Car, which featured in the 1942 film Casablanca, has gone up for sale for £128,000.

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