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An increasing number of Modern Classics have air conditioning fitted as standard. We can diagnose and repair them! High-end cars of the past used older air-con systems – less efficient and more toxic.

What we do:

Repairs to any air conditioning
Recommission your older system to work on modern refrigerant
Installation of latest miniaturised electrically operated air con
Fabrication of parts needed

We can also retrofit modern air-conditioning systems that use an electrical – rather than belt-driven – compressor. We’re experienced in renovating older arrangements to use modern, less toxic, refrigerants. If your car still has R12 installed, we can upgrade to the later, safer R134a.

As with all ‘project’ installations, prices depend on the ease of the job, so vary widely. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to keep your cool on hot lazy summer days in your classic car.

Whichever you have, our expert engineers at Project Shop are experienced in getting the best out of your standard-fitment or aftermarket air conditioning. If you need diagnosis of leaks, fabrication of pipework or brackets, replenishment of gas, or a system overhaul we can help!

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Air Conditioning Upgrades
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