Alfa Romeo Spider 101 – Road Rally Car

This Alfa Romeo 101 Spider has had a colourful past! Converted into a road-rally car approximately 20 years ago, it had been hard campaigned before changing hands and ending up part disassembled and in storage for 10 years.  The underside of the car, although solid, had plenty of surface rust and was mechanically very tired. Most of the interior was missing and the electrics had been hacked about.

Over a 2 month period we set about rebuilding the suspension and brakes, giving the engine and carbs a major overhaul and rebuilding the steering box. The floor pan was repaired and treated before being repainted with colour matched Raptor Coat. The electrics were all traced, wiring repaired and re-terminated where required.
We sourced a pair of new seats and foams for the interior, made new black vinyl covers and made up a matching carpet and set of lightweight carpets.  The frame for the convertible roof was repaired and a new mohair hood fitted.