Auto Electrics

We have talented auto-electricians who can trace faults and improve wiring to make sure everything works as it should.

Fault Finding and Repairs

If there is an area that gets mucked about with more, by people with less of a clue, we don’t know what it is! Almost every classic vehicle has had some shoddy alarm, stereo or wiring repair carried out at some point in its life. We specialise in pre-canbus wiring looms. This means that we can trace and repair electrical faults in vehicles first registered before 1990. After that, you get into the realms of diagnostics and we simply don’t have the equipment. 

Classic car electrics most often fail because of corrosion at connections and earth points or previous repairs which are either done incorrectly or fall apart.  We are really good at tracking down these issues, making good your wiring and making sure it is all correctly crimped together. We can also repair wiper, window and fan motors. If you have a few electrical gremlins, get in touch and we can help you fix them.

Safety and Security

A quality battery cut off switch can literally be a vehicle saver. You can use them to:

  1. Immobilise the car whilst it is left unattended
  2. Stops battery drain when in storage
  3. Stop electrical and fuel delivery in the event of a fire or emergency

There is simply no better investment you can make when it comes to the safety and security of your vehicle.

Loom Overhaul

In our experience most wiring looms can be saved and are often better than replacements. Ninety percent of all degradation in wiring looms happens in the last few centimeters before the connection. This means that we are often able to re-terminate all of the ends of the loom, rather than replace the whole thing.  The improvement in reliability is generally night and day. You will benefit from safer, more reliable electrics.  We are also able to smarten the appearance and protect it further by replacing protective tape. This is no small job, but it is certainly cheaper than starting from scratch and means that we disturb very little of the rest of the car.

Replacement Wiring Looms

Wiring looms are generally just a few hundred pounds to buy, but they cost thousands to fit.  Wiring looms are the first thing to get fitted to a vehicle shell and they run where you can’t see them!  This means that there is a lot to remove to get them out and then a lot to put back in and make work when you have finished the wiring!  Wiring looms also come ‘bare’ this means that they need terminating which in itself takes a good day and several hundreds of pounds of electrical consumables.  Generally wiring looms are only replaced as a last resort after an electrical fire, or during a full restoration, where the majority of the strip and fit is being done anyway.  

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