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Leaks in any car are hateful.

At best, wet carpets and the nagging knowledge that corrosion might be occurring under your feet. At worst, you have to bale the car out before driving, get your wellies on or sit on a damp seat. Here’s how to deal with those pesky leaks.

First port of call in repairing car leaks is to get the whole interior removed – seats, carpets, door cars and pillar trims at the very least.
Once it is all removed you can dry it all out and clean off any mould or spores that have grown.

Next up is to dry the complete interior metalwork of the car.
Third, cover the inside of the car with a light dusting of talcum powder.
Finally, you can then soak the outside of the car with the spray from a hose, to replicate light rain, or a pressure washer to simulate a downpour.

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Body Leaks & Panel Seals
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