BMW MINI – An Enthusiast’s Guide


By: Sophie Williamson-Stothert

ISBN: 9781785001437


Cost: £16.99

BMW’s remake of the Mini had a lot to live up to. In this 128 pager Sophie Williamson-Stothert details the brief history of the Issigonis masterpiece that begat the BMW remake, then launches in to tell the tale of the highs and lows of development. Specification details and changes are assessed, and the love the author has for the model is apparent in every word. The finalisation of the initial R50 car, and the battle between Rover and BMW factions is dealt with sympathetically.

In exploring the BMW MINI’s journey in so brief a book, there’s little space or time to focus on many of the deeper nitty gritty aspects. Yet the breezy style and extensive use of colour imagery in 170 pictures and box-outs of technical items means there’s both an ability to dip-in and the prospect of a rewarding read to further one’s knowledge about the MINI.

All models are covered, including Cooper and S, Travellers and Countrymen plus the cheeky convertibles. The Buyer’s Guide proves useful for identifying commonly seen faults. And special edition section, covering Hampton, Pimlico, Goodwood should prove useful to prospective purchasers, meaning that which ever model you own, and no matter whether from R50 to F56 versions, you’ll find a place for this in your bookshelf.

You can buy a copy of this book by following this link to the Crowood Press website

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