By: Julian Parish

ISBN: 978-1-845847-88-3

Published By: Veloce Publishing

Cost: £9.99

Europe’s a major destination for car users, whether that be holidays, tours, attending events or simply doing business. Which is why this new guide to driving in Europe needs to be an essential part of your research if intending to travel to any of the European nations.

Whether it’s the practicalities of speed limits and the truth behind speeding fines and what your obligations are, to what you need to carry in the car, you’d be well-advised to follow the detailed knowledge contained within.

The country-by-country guide proves useful, and the additional listings of great places to visit, from the Mulhouse Museum containing Bugattis to the Mercedes and Porsche Museums in Stuttgart, the guide is a petrolhead’s delight. Invaluable.

You can download a sample of the book, or buy a copy by following this link to the Veloce Publishing Website

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