By: Nigel Thorley

ISBN: 978-1-845848-10-1

Published By: Veloce Publishing

Cost: £40.00

This revised and updated – it includes the 2016 F-Pace – edition contains precise detail of all the specifications and details of every Jaguar model made. There’s a complete breakdown of model types, and images to help you see how Brown’s Lane and subsequent factories built the cars.

It’s both useful and an easy dip-into book, which can assist any owner or potential owner, restorer or enthusiast build their knowledge and ensure the correct fitments are installed on any SS or Jaguar. Want to check whether those 18-inch wheels are correct on an XK8 you’re buying? There are images of each factory wheel offered. The book’s the same the whole way through – in-depth and detailed. It’s a full-on ‘spotters guide’, and written by an expert in the Jaguar marquee. Recommended.

You can download a sample of the book, or buy a copy by following this link to the Veloce Publishing Website

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