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Vehicle: Mercedes 250 CE
Owned By: Charles Morgan
Owned Since: December 2015

Brünnhilde – I’ll spare you the Wagnerian history – had sat for 20 years in my neighbour Tony’s garage gathering dust after ill health ended his restoration work. In a rash moment and not really knowing the full immensity of the task ahead, I agreed to take her on.

She arrived with me in early winter and I started work cleaning her up and stripping her. After 5 months she went to the Project Shop for full and final stripping prior to a body restoration and repainting at MB Bodycraft.

When you see the glory of the finished car, it is hard to believe that much of the bulkhead has been replaced, and then lots else outboard from there. Some months later she emerged from MB Bodycraft looking rather lovely in Arab Grey and ready for the rebuilding.

In the meantime I researched the car with considerable help from the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club forum. After much deliberation, I decided to replace the original Bosch D Jetronic fuel injection system with a modern Megasquirt ECU. This involved creating a higher pressure fuel system then tracking down and ordering immense numbers of parts to ensure it all worked.

On top of this the car needed a full interior re-trim and seat rebuild by a leading German specialist KHM. New suspension, brakes and steering gear were fitted. Once the car was rolling the refurbished engine was installed.

You’d think you were nearly there then, but the astonishing quantity of work on electrics and the electronic requirements of the new ECU meant numerous bits had to be fabricated to fit by ‘Professor’ John Weller at Project Shop. Changing the fuelling and ECU undoubtedly made the build longer but the old system was never going to provide the reliability and driveability I needed from the car.

Some breaks in the build took place. These were to have the trim fitted and the engine mapped to make it drivable. In all, the car has come together beautifully. Considerable attention to detail has made it look period-perfect under the bonnet: for instance, all the plug leads to the coil-packs are routed through the old distributor cap to make it look more standard.

Yet there are enough other obvious changes to puzzle the purists, which makes me smile. She is now largely finished. Obviously there are some remaining bits of snagging to be completed, plus we’ll need to put her through an MOT. But then she’ll be ready for action in the Spring.

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