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Tired of inaccurate or broken gauges?

If there is one thing that drives you round the twist when driving old cars it is when the gauges are playing up.  Have I really got fuel? What speed am I going? Has the alternator packed up? You never quite know.

Whilst all you really need in a modern car is a speedometer, in a classic, it is good practice and reassuring to ‘keep an eye’ on what is going on in the engine bay. Project Shop are able to refurbish your clocks, instruments and gauges. Whats more, 99% of the time, we can do it with in a week.


Whether they are stand alone clocks such as Smiths or part of the binical we are able to strip, clean and repair almost all speedometers.  We can also check that they are accurate and make adjustments.  This is very helpful when your classic isn’t quite standard.  You may have had a change of differential or gearbox, added an overdrive or simply changed the rolling radius of the wheels/tyres. We can look at the modification, make the relevant calculations and adjust the clock to suit.


Apart from requiring a repair there are two common issues that stop a rev-clock working:

  • The cars ignition system has been upgraded: IE electronic ignition (including MDS and 123 Ignition)
  • It has had a polarity change.

We offer a service to compensate for both of these upgrades, making sure that your rev-clock is working and accurate.

Time Clocks

These are becoming more difficult to repair as parts are difficult to source, but almost every clock can have a quartz conversion. The movement will change, but it will still look original in the dash and keep time perfectly.

Gauges – Fuel, Amps, Volts, Temperature, Oil

Again almost all common  gauges can be stripped, cleaned, serviced and tested. If you have a capillary instrument then we can usually source a new tube and fit it to your existing clock.

Don’t forget that Project Shop can also upgrade your dashboard illumination to.


Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Classic Car Clocks and Gauge Refurbishment
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