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Our inspections give you control of your classic

Whether you are buying, recommissioning, or working out how to restore a classic car, then having the best information to hand is paramount.

Which is why Project Shop’s classic car inspection checks aren’t a quick once-over. Nor are they as rigid and fixed as an MOT, which is only looking for certain safety-related items.

Specific checklists for every type of classic car

Our custom inspection checklist assess every part of a classic car. From its battery and wiring to its mechanicals, safety items, bodyshell, paint and interior. We cover everything, to ensure that what you get is a ‘traffic light’ report on items that are Green, Amber and Red.

  • RED – Items which are either unsafe or may compromise the car’s reliability
  • AMBER – Parts of the car which may fail in the medium-term future, but are not yet at Red status
  • GREEN – Systems on board which are currently A-OK and do not need work

Benefit from our experienced engineers

Our inspections take a minimum of 4 hours. They are carried out on vehicle lifts giving complete access to all of the car’s components whilst also allowing us to assess its structural integrity. We check and photograph:

  • The floor pan/chassis for damage, previous repair and structural rust
  • Suspension and steering for worn out components and adjustment
  • Drive train for correct fluids, leaks, damage and wear
  • Engine health with compression and leak down tests
  • Cooling system for leaks and efficiency
  • Fuel system including fuel injection or carburettors
  • Ignition system for adjustment and component age
  • Electrical system including loom damage, poor connections, bad earths
  • Panel gap, seals and leaks
  • Interior trim and equipment
  • Exterior trim fit and finish

Once our engineer has completed his assessment we will send you a written report, not only outlining any issues, but times and costs on making things right. The written report will be accompanied by photos to help you understand what is required.

Understand first hand

We are also very happy to spend as much time as is necessary with you to physically show you round the car.  The cost for all of this information and peace of mind?

Prices start at just £349

Home » Workshop » Mechanics » Classic Car Inspections
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