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Keeping your classic safe

Your classic car is a serious investment. Of your time, effort and cash. But most of all, owning and running a classic car is an emotional thing. If you just wanted to get from A to B, then a modern car does it all more capably and cheaply. It is also fitted with more electronic safety gizmos to protect it from theft.

Sadly car thieves have now switched onto the classic car scene. So you need to protect yourself and your car from their evil ways.  Here are Project Shop’s top tips for keeping your classic safe:

Physical security

  • Always lock your car, and use a clamp that fits right around the steering wheel. Even if you are just popping to the shops.
  • Never store you car with the keys. Keep them in a lock box away from the vehicle, preferably not in the hall way where they can be seen by visitors.
  • Consider taking a vital component with you when storing the car. A king lead is Project Shops favourite.


These little electronic devices cut the feed to the fuel pump and or ignition making sure the car cannot be started without the rolling code provided by the fob. They will deter an opportunist thief, but this won’t prevent your car being dragged away on the end of a rope.

We can fit a variety of devices, from a simple hidden kill switch costing about £50 to a proximity sensor and flashing LED giving a visual deterrent. These cost about £150 fitted.

Car alarms

The bad old days of motion-sensor alarms that go off at the slightest tremor are over. Modern versions are much more stable and can also send a text to your mobile phone if the car is being tampered with.

Car alarms work on a number of fronts, protecting the interior, alerting you if the car is moved or towed as well as immobilising the engine via the fuel pump or ignition. Good quality systems cost between £400 and £500.

GPS Trackers

GPS tracking devices have come a long way. They range from small battery operated devices, which can be hidden in the car and work with your mobile phone to monitored systems such as Tracker. Their cost ranges between £50 and £800 + subscriptions and are perfect if you store your classic away from home.

The best solution

A combination of everything above. Whatever your security requirements, Project Shop can help.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Classic Car Security: Alarms, Immobilisers & Trackers
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