Classic Car Upgrades

How to add reliability to your classic so it will perform every time you turn the key

Project Shop’s Favourite Upgrades


There is little here that is ‘new’ to the market. The difference is that we have tried and tested these products on dozens of classics. They are beautifully designed and manufactured.  When they are installed and set up by Project Shop they will revolutionise your enjoyment of your car.

Ultimate Electronic Ignition

A 123 Ignition distributor is right at the top of our upgrade list. It is on everyone of our Project Cars and dozens of others. Find out why…

WOSP Alternators and Dynators

The last word in battery charging. Banish lazy charging dynamos and low power alternators to history.

WOSP High Output Starter Motors

They turn your engine over faster and use less power. WOSP makes starting your car a genuine flick of the key experience.

Revotec Electric Cooling Fan Kits

Revotec not only make market leading cooling fans, but also laser cut brackets and fixings for an engineered installation.

Brake Caliper Upgrades

We have got so used to the amazing stopping power in our modern cars that classic brakes can feel almost useless. Not anymore…

Heat and Sound Insulation

Modern sound and heat insulation is amazing. If you are considering touring in your classic, or just want to stop all the rattles Silent Coat has to be the answer

What do our customers think?


Don’t just take our word for it. These are the experiences of real classic car owners, just like you!

“My Healey 3000 was totally transformed by a 123 Ignition Distributor. Much easier to start, smoother and more powerful. It has been in the car for 3 seasons and been totally maintenance free so far”

P. Joseph – Austin Healey 3000

“Having added a stereo and brighter bulbs to my Alvis, I found that the original dynamo was struggling to keep the battery charged. I was always worried about her not restarting every time I stopped. The WOSP Dynator looks the part in my otherwise original engine bay, and has given me my confidence back in the car. I haven’t had a battery related issue since”

P. Robson – Alvis TE21

“Every time I went to start my car the original starter motor use to churn over, make a horrible noise and then just click. Starting my Jag was a total pain, so I left it in the garage and drove my modern car. Since Project Shop fitted the WOSP starter motor I have used the E-Type more times in a month than the 2 years before”

Ben Gill – Jaguar E-Type 4.2

The perfect restoration requires the ultimate components


We get excited about classic cars that get used by their owners regularly. Whilst restoring cars to ‘original spec’ is important for rare examples, most classics are all the better for not being ‘factory correct’. By combining well engineered upgrades Project Shop can build you a truly reliable car. One you can depend on and can comfortably crush Pan-European trips

Research the products for yourself


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Starter Motors, Alternators & Dynators

BCC Brakes

Performance Brakes

Silent Coat

Sound & Heat Insulation


Electronic Cooling Systems

123 Ignition

Electronic Ignition

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