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When you rebuild a car, there are many items that fall under the catch-all word ‘fabrication’.
Project Shop’s engineers are experienced in making durable fabricated fittings to do everything from mount an ECU on a 1971 Mercedes converted to MegaSquirt fuel injection/ignition, to helping a pair of Toyota MR2 front sidelamp/indicators fit seamlessly – and not look out of place – on a 1990 Fiat X1/9. That was Billy who did that. Along with fabricating a complete new grille to protect the radiator.

Also, our clever John Weller made an ‘overbracket’ to mount a Brantz electronic rally timer/odometer over the top of the original analogue Halda item fitted to the Austin Maxi, Puff the Magic Wagon. In this way owner Bron Burrell has the latest speed equipment at hand. Yet when she wants to display the Maxi in its Historic state, she just has to undo the overbracket, installed on the original dashboard fitting screws, to reveal the timer she used on the 1970 London-Sydney.

Our engineers are very clever. Gifted even. They can do everything from make brackets, install additional equipment and create solutions that ensure longevity for your cherished car – all without compromising its originality and condition.

Whatever your ‘fabbing’ job, from making chassis rail repairs to installing additional or upgraded equipment, Project Shop has got the skills and will to make your classic car dreams come true.

To us – fabrication is making it look right, as well as work right.

Home » Workshop » Corrosion Repairs » Fabrication Perfection
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