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Fuel injection – New fangled technology

As the sixties gave way to the seventies fuel injection started to take hold as the new performance technology. Lucas and Bosch were at the cutting edge with their fuel delivery systems finding their way into most performance cars of the day. Whether it was a Porsche, Triumph, Jaguar, Mercedes or BMW when it came to performance models out went carbs and in came fuel injection.

Like most new technologies they were mis-understood at garage level. Manufacturers were still along way off setting up training facilities and after a few years fuel injected cars gave all the issues cabs did, but few people understood how to fix them.

Thankfully we have had 50 years to work it all out and plenty of development since, so fuel injection is no longer a dark art it once was.

Fixing existing fuel injection systems

If your car was built in the 70’s or 80’s you will find that it will have been made by one of the following:

  • Bosch
  • Lucas
  • Kugelfischer

Project Shop has plenty of experience in repairing and setting these systems up, with tools to measure fuel pressure and CO/CO2 content of the exhaust as well checking the injector spray pattern.

We tend to find that most issues are a combination of poor set up and air or fuel leaks. By painstakingly checking through the system we can cure faults that have remained undiagnosed for years, bringing you more performance and better fuel economy.

Fuel Injection Upgrades

It is perfectly possible to ‘retro-fit’ fuel injection to cars that either ran on carburettors in the first place, or that have a crude original system.  These upgrades fall into three categories:

  • Later model fuel injection

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find some of the parts for early fuel injection systems.  Whilst most Bosch parts can be bought from their heritage department, seals and fixings that were made by the manufacturer can be very difficult to find.  Often it is easier (and much cheaper) to fit systems from later cars. This works particularly well with BMW product on their 3 and 3.5 litre six-cylinder engines.

  • Throttle bodies

Individual throttle bodies are an amazing performance upgrade.  Most cars make do with a single throttle body – on the grounds of manufacturing cost and greater induction noise. They are only common place on performance cars such as BMW’s E46 M3 where the cost and noise can be justified.  There are a few aftermarket companies that produce kits for most engines.  Project Shop has fitted a number of Jenvey kits with outstanding results.

  • Engine management systems

If you are looking for the ultimate in mappable fuel injection systems then we can fit (and have set up on a rolling road) bespoke engine management systems. Commonly fitted units are made by companies such as Omex and MegaSquirt.

Our experience

We have spent hundreds of hours refurbishing, tuning and setting up fuel injected cars spanning the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It is possible to give you car the holy trinity of greater performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Home » Workshop » Mechanics » Fuel Injection
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