Past and Present

Pictures from inside our workshop and out at events

Bristol 401 Pininfarina

Just before Christmas this beautiful Bristol 401 Pininfarina arrived for a pre-sale check, brake rebuild, electric fuel pump upgrade an annual service.

Alfa Romeo 105 Coupe 1.3 Junior Gauges

An in-house specialty. Billy has an amazing ability to repair and refurbish components that look well beyond their working life. These gauges had not been in a working car since 1979! 

Maserati Mistral 3700

We re-commissioned this beautiful Maserati Mistral 3700 for one of our clients after a long lay up. Mostly dealing with Lucas Fuel Injection issues

Arnolt Bristol

Almost unique and totally amazing, we made a new carpet set, serviced and detailed this Mille Miglia eligible Arnolt Bristol for Pendine Historic Cars

‘Amy Amazon’ Volvo P122S

Fully restored, this Volvo was commissioned by one of our long-term clients. 

‘Gertrude’ Ford Sierra Sapphire 4×4

Gertrude is a much loved member of the family and before an epic mechanical rebuild was pretty close to the great scrap heap in the sky.

‘Project Shop’ Mk1 Mini Cooper 1380 Cafe Racer 

Almost every member of the team has hours in the Mini, but Zane put his heart and soul into the build. Stunningly quick and would change direction quicker than you could think it was our Mini dream!

‘Puff’ 1969 Austin Maxi – All Female Entrant in the 1970 World Cup Rally

Over the last four year we have restored, repaired, prep’d and raced this plucky Maxi with the amazing Bron Burrell. Puff and Bron are more than car and client. They are our family.

AC Ace Bristol 2.0

Another car prepared for sale for Pendine Historic Cars. This car had a new carpet set, major service and detail work to the engine bay

AC 16/70 Open Tourer

Possibly the fastest transformation we have carried out on any car. A major mechanical overhaul, colour change from white to blue, hood re-coloured, new carpet set all in 6 weeks!

Jaguar XJ, XJS and XK8/R Replacement Headlinings

We see a lot of Jaguar XJ Saloons, XK8/R’s and XJS’s with saggy headlinings. We buy premium glass fibre shells, covered in OEM fabric which are far better quality and should outlast the rest of the car!

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