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More gearbox for your money

Over the last ten years or so it has become common place to fit gearboxes from later cars into your classic car. Generally this is replacing 4 speed and 4 speed overdrive gearboxes with 5 speed units, although it is now becoming popular to fit 6 speed gearboxes to 80’s classics such as BMW’s E30.

Project Shop has vast experience in this area having carried out the following conversions:


  • LT77 BL Gearboxes into MGB V8’s
  • Ford Type 9 Gearboxes into MG T Series, MG B’s, Mk1 Escorts
  • Gatrag Conversions into Jaguar MK2 and E-Type
  • T5 Gearboxes into a number of kit cars and Jaguars


Adding an extra ratio allows cruising speeds to be maintained at a lower engine speed. This puts less pressure on the engine and cooling systems as well as giving much improved fuel consumption. The extra ‘legs’ will also allow for a higher top speed, but don’t tell the constabulary!

What’s required?

There are many excellent kits available from marque specialists which include:


  • Bell housing adapter plates
  • Shortened propshafts
  • Mounting brackets
  • Re-engineered gear linkages
  • Reconditioned gearboxes
  • New clutch
  • Modified flywheel (in some cases)

If a kit is available for your car then it usually pays to buy it and allow us to do the install. However we do have access to the machining facilities to make up bespoke conversions if they are required.


Gearbox conversions usually take a couple of days to fit, so for about £1000 + the kit you can have a totally reconditioned gearbox with modern synchromesh and 5 or 6 gears to make the most of the performance of your classics engine.

Without exception, every conversion that we have carried out has revolutionised the drivability of the car and the owners have been delighted.


Home » Workshop » Mechanics » Classic Car Gearbox Conversions
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