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Older cars must all run on modern petrol. Yet it’s not right for these ageing engines because it burns hotter and explodes in the combustion chamber more violently.
This stresses cooling systems and carburetion, giving rise to hotter under bonnet temperatures and poor running.

One way you can help your classic car cope is to ensure heat created by the engine stays where you want it. Thermal coatings help in the management of engine bay heat and can make a HUGE difference as soon as the weather warms up.

Types of Thermal Coating:

1) Heat insulation paint

2) Exhaust barrier wrap

3) Specialist ceramic coating

Firstly, Heat insulation paint can be bought for exhaust manifolds and the like can have a limited life, as over time it can deteriorate and burn off.

Second up, exhaust barrier wraps are the old-school solution to defending your under bonnet from the effects of exhaust manifold heat – particularly when upgraded, tubular exhaust manifolds are fitted. Project Shop’s engineers are skilled in wrapping pipeworks neatly and securing the wrap with wire for a professional finish and long-term heat management gain.

Third, and the most high-tech fix to manage under bonnet heat, is Ceramic Coating. This was developed as part of the UK’s Nuclear Fuels Industry. The process involves first shot blasting an item such as an exhaust manifold so it is clean. The second is to spray the item with molten steel at 2000 degrees Celsius, to ‘key’ it. The final step is to spray with molten ceramic powder. The temperatures involved are phenomenal: up to 12,000 degrees!

We’ve wrapped everything from Vintage Bentleys to Alfa Romeos, Fiat X1/9s and rally cars such as Bron Burrell’s Austin Maxi endurance car, Puff the Magic Wagon.

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Thermal Coatings for Heat Management
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