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Using your classic car – it’s all about being at the right events, attending those ‘must-do’ bucket list rallies and enjoying yourself.
And there’s one simple way to ensure that Britain’s weather doesn’t get in the way of discomfort when you’re travelling. You need a heater that works, can keep you comfortable and the car demisted when necessary.

Most classic car heaters – yes, where fitted! – are as old as the car itself. This means their thermal capacity is often impaired. So not only do they struggle to provide adequate heating, but their place as part of the cooling system of the car doesn’t contribute as much as necessary.

Project Shop can service and repair your heating system using infra-red thermal sensing to ensure there are no cold spots in your heater matrix. We also check the water pump functionality, the operation of the thermostat and the radiator and hoses too, to ensure that when you want warm air, you’ve got it – and when you set the heater to cold, that your valve shuts it off.

We can even service and repair the older Clayton and Smiths circular matrix types!

Heater System Checklist

Radiator efficiency check
Coolant pressure cap check
Hose and water pump condition
Heater valve and cables set up correctly
Matrix check/clean/renew
Fan operation

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Heater Repairs & Replacements
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