Project Shop are proud to have formulated their classic car service schedules with MOTUL Motor Oils.

Documented annual care ensures reliability, safety and adds to the value of your vehicle.

We’ve Got You Covered

Like us, you want your classic to run reliably and protect your investment. The best way to ensure this is by carrying out an annual service. We have become so used to covering 20,000 miles in modern vehicle before we even think of an oil change, we forget that a few years ago service intervals were as frequent as 3,000 miles or six months.

It is also a fact that cars manufactured before 2000 require comprehensive servicing. Modern vehicles simply require an oil change and worn out components replacing. Every vehicle in classic use will benefit from a professional annual service.

Manufacturers Service Schedules are not fit for purpose. They were developed in anticipation of the cars being used daily. Today statistics reveal that the average collector car is used thirty-two days a year. Ironically, long periods of inactivity put a greater strain on a car’s components than when it is used regularly. That is why MOTUL’s 20W/50 Classic Oil contains a ‘tackiness additive’ so the oil clings to the engines components whilst it is not in use.

With so many different classics a ‘one size fits all’ schedule is almost impossible. However with minor adjustments for fuel injection, electronic ignition and air-cooled vehicles it is possible to make a comprehensive list of work which should be carried out every year.

With experience gained maintaining over a thousand different vehicles, Project Shop has developed the following Service Schedules for vehicles in classic use. We also have specific knowledge on almost every classic vehicle in the UK, so we can adjust the list for a specific make or model.

  • Annual MOTUL oil and filter changes to keep your engine healthy
  • All fluids checked and replaced on time maintaining reliability
  • Chassis lubrication keeping components fresh
  • Components checked for damage/wear to keep you safe
  • Engine tune up for better performance and economy
  • Annual MOT or safety check for peace of mind
  • CORRECT MOTUL ‘TOP UP’ to keep you moving

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Fixed Price MOTUL Service Schedules

Classics With Carburettors

A fixed price MOTUL service schedule for all water-cooled cars with carburettors including: Jaguar, Bentley/Rolls Royce, Triumph, Lotus, MG, Ford, BMC and Land Rover.

Air Cooled – VW & Porsche

With well over 300 classic VW and Porsche cars serviced to date Project Shop know how to keep your air-cooled classic in perfect order with our fixed price MOTUL service schedules.

Fuel Injected Classics

A fixed price MOTUL service schedule for all water-cooled collectors cars with fuel injection including: Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Lotus and Range Rover Classic.


Brake & Clutch Fluid

Brake and clutch fluid should be changed every 2 years regardless of mileage as it takes on water from the atmosphere

Engine Oil Change

If you can’t do a full service fresh oil and a new filter should be your absolute minimum maintenance each year.

Coolant Change

Fresh coolant helps prevent against silt and corrosion clogging up your radiator. It needs changing every two years regardless of mileage.

Classic Car MOT

MOT’s are not a legal requirement for most classics, but they are important. Find out why not having one puts you at risk of prosecution.

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With a dedicated service team we can provide a rapid response for servicing and MOT’s. Call us or click the button below to contact us and we can have your classic collected and on the ramp in just 24 hours!

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Choosing The Right Oil

For nearly 90 years oil was all about making sure that the metal parts moving about in your engine slipped over each other and didn’t ware out. In the last 20 years oil technology has become all about lowering emissions, improving fuel consumption and prolonging the service cycle. Todays oils are way too thin and won’t protect the ‘right bits’ in your classic engine.

MOTUL’s classic range is a modern formula of their traditional recipe. They are specially blended for cars in classic use, which is why MOTUL and Project Shop are such a perfect fit and why they are the best lubricants for your cherished car.

Why Project Shop partners with MOTUL

MOTUL have been at the cutting edge of oil design for the last 167 years. They were:

  • The first company to develop multi-grade oil in 1957
  • The first lubricant manufacturer to develop a semi-synthetic in 1966
  • They were the first across the line with a fully synthetic oil in 1971 using technology derived from the aeronautical industry.

MOTUL continue to develop historic oils that are so highly regarded they are found in cars competing in the Historic 24 Hours of Le Mans, Goodwood Revival and support classics across the racing scene.

For road use they have a formidable four-product range that, combined, are perfect for over one hundred years of motoring. With the addition of their Racing Formulas and Modern Oils, there is no other lubricant manufacturer with a wider range of quality oils.

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