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The enemy!

There are three major enemies when it comes to a vehicles wiring loom! They are:

  • People
  • Corrosion
  • Animals

In the end the combined efforts of people fitting alarms, stereos, previous owners bodges, corrosion and a rats nest will mean that the only way to restore order to your electrical systems is with a complete new wiring loom.

Re-looming a car is generally done when a car is being built from the ground up, or when the current wiring is so far past it, repairs just won’t make the car reliable again. Be under no misunderstanding. It is a huge and labour intensive operation.

Wiring looms are threaded under carpets, through bulkheads, behind dashes and in some cases through voids with no other access. There is an enormous amount of strip and fit to do it correctly so even with a pre-made loom it is costly.

Pre-made loom or bespoke made?

You will find that most marque parts specialists offer a wiring loom replacement for between £200 and £500. It is important to make sure that the loom you buy is for the correct for your car. Wiring harnesses for cars built before 2000 tend to be unique to the country of destination, trim level and year.

Autosparks are the leaders in classic car wiring harnesses and they are our go-to-supplier.  If you have a heavily modified vehicle or something that they do not list, then we have previously made up complete harnesses.  Prices for a bespoke harness start at £800 + VAT and installation.

Thankfully re-looming a car should be a once in an ownership job and will revolutionise your classics electrical reliability. It’s a job that requires diligence and accuracy. But installing a new harness will pay dividends for the next 30+ years.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Re-Looming a Car with a New Wiring Harness
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