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From the Gentleman’s Club ambience of an Aston DB5 or Bentley interior to the riotous metallic vinyl finishes of an early Mustang, any classic car’s interior should be a lovely place to be.
And no more so than the seats you sit in. Why put up with anything uncomfortable? Whether you need a simple frame repair or a full retrim, Project Shop can help.

We’ve got experience that covers cars back to the 1930s, which means that while sorting out a dodgy bench in a Buick is no problem, neither is getting the heater pads working in a Saab or the electrical memory functions in a 1980s BMW 635CSi.

In the past we have upgraded the uncomfortable original buckets in a Daimler SP250 to Microcell Mini seats, trimmed to match the Daimler’s leather interior. We also prepare and service Historic Endurance Rally cars. For some events, they need FIA compliant seats installed, while at other times they can be run with their original equipment. We’re adept at making invisible adaptations to allow these period cars to run with the new equipment where necessary while avoiding modifications that would harm the value of such historic race cars.

We Can:
Repair frames
Upgrade to more comfortable seats
Recover seats
Install FIA compliant race seats
Replace heated seat elements
Repair electrical seating functions

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Repairing & Replacing Seats
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