MOTUL Annual Classic Car Service

Our fixed price MOTUL service schedule for all water-cooled cars with carburettors.

From £385

The Benefits

Our MOTUL annual classic car service can be applied to every water-cooled car with a carburettor. The only changes are using the correct MOTUL Classic lubricants, coolant and brake fluid. When Project Shop’s highly trained engineers complete this detailed service you can be assured of the following:

  • Dramatically improved performance, economy and reliability
  • Making sure that all serviceable parts are checked, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted or replaced.
  • Identify any ageing or damaged components
  • Help to preserve your cars value and sale-ability

The Schedule

Understand exactly what your specialist classic car engineer will check, adjust, clean, lubricate or replace during the service of your car….

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  1. Lights checked and any blown bulbs replaced
  2. MOTUL Engine Cleaner is added to the old oil, engine ran up to temperature, check if electric cooling fans cut in, then switch off engine
  3. Drain hot engine oil
  4. Wheels removed, tyres checked for condition, age, tread wear and pressures
  5. Remove spare tyre and checked for condition, age, tread wear and pressure
  6. Check wheel hubs/splines for wear and condition
  7. Check wheel condition, including wheel spokes where wire wheels are fitted
  8. Check and clean oil breather
  9. Inspect brakes for friction material, leaks and function
  10. Grease all driveshaft joints, hubs and ball joints (front and rear)
  11. Inspect metal brake pipes and flexible pipes for condition/corrosion/leaks
  12. Check and adjust handbrake as necessary
  13. Under body corrosion inspection
  14. Exhaust system inspection, general condition and mounts
  15. Check gearbox oil for condition and level (suggested change every 5 years)
  16. Check differential oil for condition and level (suggested change every 5 years)
  17. Check and top up carburettor dash pots (if SU type fitted)
  18. Check and replace inline fuel filter
  19. Check and adjust idle/fuel mixture/balance carburettors
  20. Check/clean or replace air filter(s)
  21. Check/change spark plugs (suggest change at 2 years)
  22. Check condition/gap of points/condenser/rotor arm/cap and HT leads
  23. Check/adjust engine timing
  24. Check drive belt condition and tension
  25. Inspect coolant pipes & gland hole vent hole under water pump for leakage
  26. Inspect core plugs for leakage
  27. Check coolant strength and top up/replace (suggested replacement every 2 years)
  28. Check brake/clutch fluid for level and condition (suggested replacement every 2 years)
  29. Replenish windscreen washer fluid, check operation of screen wash jets
  30. Inspect wiper blade condition and check operation. Replace wiper rubbers as required
  31. Clean off door/bonnet/boot catches and re-grease
  32. Renew oil filter & sump washer, replace sump plug (if required) & replenish engine oil with correct MOTUL Classic oil
  33. Start engine and check for leaks
  34. Road test, check heater and fan operation, re-torque wheels, re-check engine oil level
  35. Independent MOT or Classic Car safety check to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive

Apart From a Serviced Car, What Do I Get?

By the time we have completed each of these 35 actions, over 200 points on your vehicle will have been checked, adjusted, lubricated or replaced. The great news is that you will know that your car is safe and that you will have done everything possible to maintain its reliability and value. Not only this, but you will receive:

  • A comprehensive invoice for your history file
  • An MOT or Classic Car Safety Check certificate (worth £54.00)
  • A FREE 2 litre ‘top up’ of the correct MOTUL Classic oil for your vehicle

This will show perspective buyers just how seriously you took maintaining your vehicle.

The Cost?

Well that is the best news. We offer a fixed price including all MOTUL consumables, ignition parts and MOTUL lubricants which means you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. The price even includes VAT!

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