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Older cars are noisier than modern ones!
But we’re all looking to improve our classic cars. And one simple way is to get Project Shop to increase the level of sound deadening you have fitted.

Old materials often comprised of horsehair matting will have compressed over time, becoming less effective. You may also have noticed small sound deadening pads already fitted inside the panelling of your car’s doors and boot.

So, there’s no stigma in making a modern improvement which is totally hidden by carpets and matting.

Deadening pads serve to prevent panel drumming and are known as ‘Constrained Layer Damping’. They are effective at ensuring the car is not creating any more noise than it should. But like all standard equipment, it is fitted by car makers ‘down to a price’. Which means that we can add more for you and you will hear the benefit. Floors, wheel arches, inside doors and under bonnet are where we fit the CLD.

The other way we reduce road and engine noise is to add mass. Two products help here. First, we fit MLV – Mass Loaded Vinyl – to absorb the frequencies created. Then the MLV has to be phonetically ‘decoupled’. To ensure an adequate result, we use CCF – Closed Cell Foam – to fully reduce the acoustic and ensure your car is a far quieter – and nicer – place to travel in.

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Sound Deadening
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